Invitation to Get-Out-The-Vote Octoberfest Celebration!


To SRRC Members & Fellow Republicans:

It's hard to believe that morning frost is on the ground and election day is just two weeks away.  I have heard predictions that voter turnout could be as low as 20% because voters  do not view this as an important election but this is a particularly critical election for Bergen County.   The continued tax and spend policies of our Democrat-led county government have resulted in record high taxes, stagnant growth, continued loss of jobs and nearly $1 billion of debt for Bergen county!

In addition to electing a new Mayor and 2 council seats, this election will determine 3 freeholder and 2 state assembly positions on November 3, 2015 and it's critical that we get out-the-Republican-vote!

As you know, Dr. Al Kurpis is our nominated candidate for Mayor and Ben Acaster and Liz Salazer are our nominated candidates for town council. Daisy Ortiz-Berger, John Mitchell and Ken Tyburczy (a.k.a., the Taxpayer Team) are Republican Freeholder candidates and  Holly Schepisi and Robert Auth are running for re-election to State Assembly.

To show our support for our Republican candidates and help drive awareness of the importance of this election, the SRRC will be hosting an Octoberfest celebration this Sunday, October 25 in my backyard at 31 Burning Hollow Road.  All Saddle River Republicans and their families are welcome.    One of Dr. Kurpis' campaign pledges was to focus on reuniting our town and I'm sure that many of you share my hope that we can put the drama and controversy behind us and that our elected leaders will focus all of their talent and energy on working together collaboratively for our town and our party. The same is true nationally where our party's dysfunctional leadership is one of the greatest threat to defeating Hillary in 2016.

I hope this event will give you a change to meet the candidates, the SRRC board, and have some fun with your neighbors, family and friends while indulging in some German cuisine and beverages.  The party will go on rain or shine and the invitation is provided in the link below.  Please RSVP the number of adults and kids who'll be attending with you to my email at 

If you have questions, please email or call me directly at 917-273-8863. I look forward to seeing you there and showing off my authentic lederhosen!



Tom Connors

President - Saddle River Republican Club

cc: SRRC Officers & Trustees

Get-Out-The-Vote OctoberFest Invite - 10-25-15 Get-Out-The-Vote OctoberFest Invite - 10-25-15 (159 KB)



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