Resignation of Irena M. Holiat as Club President


September 22, 2015

Dear Members and Fellow Republicans:

It disappoints me to have to inform you that Irena Holiat has resigned as Club President.  Those of you who know Irena, know that she is only capable of giving 110% to everything she does and she did not believe she was going to be able to give the Club the attention needed because of pressing business and personal demands.

Irena has done an exceptional job leading the Club and leaves impossibly large shoes to fill.   Fortunately, Irena has agreed to continue to serve as a Trustee.  The Board of Trustees has asked me to fill in as interim President and Jim Kerner to assume the Treasurer role for the remainder of the year.   I am also pleased to report that John Cunningham has agreed to serve as Vice President and Neil Gandhi  has agreed to serve as Secretary.  In addition, we’re pleased to  welcome Ron Yates and Jenny Lindberg back as Trustees and Dan Oldja, who will be joining as a new Trustee.

Note that while the appointment of Officers to complete the remaining terms been approved by the Trustees, these positions will require approval by membership vote for 2016 at our annual December meeting.

I hope that you will all vote on November 3 for our Republican candidates including:

  • Al Kurpis for Mayor
  • Ben Acaster and Liz Salazer for Town Council

In addition, please vote for Holly Schepisi and Robert Au for Assembly and the “Taxpayer Team” of John Mitchell, Ken Tyburczy and Daisy Berger-Ortiz for Freeholder.

Looking ahead to 2016, while it has been entertaining watching the large field of Republican Candidates try to “Trump the Donald”, the most important thing is that we elect a fiscally conservative, strong Republican leader as President in 2016 and put our nation back on the right track.

 One of our greatest threats is allowing differences to divide us rather focusing on common goals and Republican principles that unite us.  This is particularly true in our town where the last couple of bruising elections have divided so many of friends and neighbors.

 As Lincoln noted, “a house divided against itself cannot stand”. We simply must do a better job addressing our differences in an environment of mutual respect and cooperation with primary focus on what is best for our Town and our Party.  The Board of Trustees shares my commitment to focusing on our future, uniting as Republicans, supporting our Mayor, Council, and Republican candidates at all levels.

If you’ve not yet had the chance to renew or join or perhaps have been reluctant, I have attached the 2015 form and hope you will join us and help support our candidates and our Party.  We are also looking for new Trustees and if you are interested please feel free to contact me or any of our Trustees.  I can be reached by cell at 917-273-8863 or email at 

Lastly, congratulations to our new Officers and Trustess and on behalf of my Trustees, thank again to Irena for her outstanding leadership and contribution as our President.


Tom Connors

President, Saddle River Republican Club

P.S. – Please note that we need to postpone our BBQ originally scheduled for this Sunday, 9/27 for logistical reasons.  I have attached a flier a District 39 BBQ on 9/26 where you can meet the Assembly and Freeholder candidates if you are interested.



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